About Us Modern Merchant Solutions.

We put the Service in (SAAS)

Our Mission Real Local Support.

Our mission is to seamlessly merge cutting-edge big tech tools with the warmth and personalized support of a local business community. We are dedicated to empowering small businesses with innovative payment processing, point of sale systems, and digital marketing solutions, all while fostering genuine relationships and providing tailored assistance. Our commitment lies in ensuring that every business we serve receives the benefits of advanced technology without ever compromising on the personalized attention and support they deserve. Welcome to a world where big tech meets local care, right at your fingertips.”

CEO & Founder

Jacob Underwood, a native of Asheville, NC, was raised amidst the dynamic landscape of small businesses. Following his education at Western Carolina University, where he pursued a dual degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, he embarked on a professional journey that led him to a role as a sales representative for a prominent POS and technology company.

The genesis of Modern Merchant Solutions arose from Jacob’s observations here of a significant gap in the market. Despite the abundance of business technology and software available, there remained a lack in human support. In an era dominated by digital advancement, while technology continues to evolve rapidly, it still lacks the indispensable element of human interaction.

Modern Merchant Solutions was conceived with the mission of bridging the gap, by delivering enterprise-level technology to small businesses without compromising on authentic local support.

When not engaged in empowering small businesses, Jacob can be found in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, spending time with his wife and daughter, involved in activities such as fishing, hiking, or just enjoying the outdoors.